Co Wrote “A Story” With Trent Brown

This past Thursday I had a stacked schedule with students and then an hour drive to a rehearsal in Wilmington NC that lasted until 9:00 pm. Earlier that day I had made plans to meet with my good friend Trent Brown once I got back so we could play music and maybe even track something in the process.

Once we were in my home studio we began to talk ideas and play along to a few different chord progressions. I was on the Nord playing piano while Trent being the singer song writer he is played guitar and read through some lyrics he had. Just within minutes we had a verse and Pre-chorus written that fit well with the lyrics. Soon after a bridge and a chorus came… Bam! A complete song. Next began the tracking process of acoustic guitar first then vocals. Lastly we added keys, bells and strings. A few tweaks and mixes later, we had a full finished recording of a moment in time. This whole process took us between 3-4 hours to write, record, and mix.

Equipment and Instruments used

Piano: Nord electro 2 sixty one

Bells: iPad Garageband Instruments

Strings: iPad Garageband Instruments

Guitar: Martin Acoustic

Instrument Mic: M-Audio Luna

Vocal Mic: Shure SM7B

DAW: Ableton intro 9

Audio Interface: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

The mix might need a few adjustments here and there, some things may not be perfect, but it’s music. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about learning and creating. As we do more we improve upon our craft and the recording process. It’s a time capsule to look back on one day when we’re older to say that we got together one night just to create and have fun.

Hope you enjoy A Story by Trent Brown (Joshua and the Battle) and myself.



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