New Album “Still” released

A collection of songs I've written with friends and by myself since moving to Lake Waccamaw in April of 2017. A time for change and a time for growth. The word "Still" came to mind after moving here...The idea of being still to listen and observe what's right in front of me. My surroundings, the … Continue reading New Album “Still” released



Trying to break away from the ordinary start for a composition I had the thought of something extreme and with hesitation. Something that would build anticipation. This track has a dark appeal to it. "From something dark we can find a form of reverence". At the beginning you are rudely welcomed by the sound of … Continue reading Three

come along the long way

For a while I had been talking ideas back and forth with one of my good friends Ryan that I've played music with for years. We got together to write this piece a few weeks back by starting with a guitar melody that Ryan had written and then layered different percussive elements, as well as … Continue reading come along the long way