Trying to break away from the ordinary start for a composition I had the thought of something extreme and with hesitation. Something that would build anticipation. This track has a dark appeal to it. “From something dark we can find a form of reverence”.

At the beginning you are rudely welcomed by the sound of Brass in the air. The first two create an uneasy moment that is separated by long pauses for dramatic affect. The third blast signifies the beginning of something  happening. I chose a weird rhythmic synth and dropped it down a few octaves to simulate a tribal pattern instead of using drums. This immediately creates this war cry theme that slowly changes into something more somber that catches the ear. I wanted this to surprise the listener yet again… “Start with something and throw them for a loop”. At the very end of the composition I played a short phrase on the piano while incorporating some foley sound of a fire I recorded here at my home. If you listen close enough you can hear the crickets and birds faintly off in the distance. It’s a way for me to put an element of my geography into my art to share with you.


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