Good World

I remember waking up at 5:00 am to kickstart a new sleep schedule in October. I was into my usual morning routine of making coffee and firing up my computer to write. I think I wasn’t feeling it that morning for some reason so I took my friends guitar out of the case that he left here in my studio and I started picking out some parts just for the fun of it. I strummed a few different power chords until I found something that stuck and then played it back and forth for a few minutes. I had to jot this one down on Ableton so I could add to it later. Well… later turned into writing a full composition within an hour or so. It’s weird how sometimes we can take the smallest idea and run with it, creating the full picture when all you had to begin with was… nothing. Ok… ok… I had coffee.

Good World gets it’s title from everything that’s going on with the world at the time. So much division and petty arguments to the point that all we are given to see is the negative. The phrase you hear vaguely in the background at the end “I believe in a good world” is something I was thinking in the middle of all of the calamity. I guess it’s a hopeful thought of thinking there is still good in this world, still a good to be found in people. No race, religion, or political classification. Just human beings doing things for the greater good of mankind. The artwork was chosen from some shots I had taken at the State Park at Lake Waccamaw. It’s a picture of the words “Our Dream” carved almost perfectly centered at the beginning of the pier. A statement of someones thought of happiness maybe? I felt it fit the idea behind this one.

In the beginning like I had mentioned earlier I just built a foundation with the acoustic guitar playing bar chords. I recorded the acoustic with my M-Audio Luna condenser mic pointed at the 12th fret so that I could shed some of the low-end coming from the sound hole. If you listen closely at the beginning you can hear a car pass by and my fingers engaging the first chord. I left it in because… why not? Next I added the Nord into the mix with the piano chords. I like a low octave cause I feel it gives that darker vibe along with a sub hip hop bass from the Garageband app on my iPad. Finding a percussive part that was minimal was next in the process. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Aliens but the sound that the radar gives off when they are in that abandoned facility sparked the idea for the kick sound. I wanted something with a fat “pop” to it that was short. With the quarter note pulse it sounds similar to that exact sound and fits nicely. You also hear finger snaps in the 2nd verse which were my actual fingers… yes it’s true. Once the percussive sounds were in place I needed a large build into the last section of the composition so I chose to place real drums there and compressed them to the max. It adds a power that was missing at first. This build was also paired with a string section from the Garageband app. In the last section I placed some pad sounds to add some texture. The main sound you hear in the background is called Sandman which is from Ableton, and the delayed melodic part is the Arcade synth from the Garageband app at a lower octave. Last but not least I wanted to add a vocal to give this track a more defined meaning so I downloaded a text to speech app that says the phrase “I believe in a good world” and then shortly after you hear the word “Believe” echo out to end the composition.


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