The pinnacle

My friend Austin McPherson and I wrote this composition back in September 2017. We had gotten together for the first time in a little over a year to write and record new music. This track is step in the direction of previous material we had wrote for another project called Gathering Grey with an emphasis on looped guitar parts and soundscapes to build textures. This composition was built from the intro guitar loop you hear. We agreed on a certain chord structure from the piano and swells to add an emotional dynamic. The title “The pinnacle” was thrown in quickly without any thought, just because that’s how we like to give our tracks working titles and then change them to something more accordingly but this time it seemed to stick. The pinnacle means “The most successful point; the culmination.”

A Fender 72 Deluxe telecaster along with a Blackstar amp and Line 6 DL4 delay were used along with the Nord electro 2 sixty one key. The amp was mic’ed with an M-audio Luna condenser microphone.


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